Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance (TIGA) Treaty and Fact Sheet

Kanji & Katzen has been honored to help organize the Tribal Internet Gaming Alliance (TIGA).  This summer, we worked with representatives from multiple tribes to develop the TIGA Treaty—an inter-tribal agreement that will serve as the organization’s charter.  To see the most recent information about the development of TIGA, please review the latest TIGA Fact Sheet (November 2013 Update).

If you would like to receive TIGA bulletins by email, please contact Jeffrey Nelson at  You can also follow the action on Twitter @TIGA_Counsel.


  1. [...] knows how big it's going to be," says Jeffrey Nelson, the Washington, D.C.-based lawyer who's orchestrating the effort. "But everyone has stars in their eyes, because it's [...]

  2. [...] it’s going to be,” says Jeffrey Nelson, a Washington, D.C.-based counsel who’s orchestrating a effort. “But everybody has stars in their eyes, given it’s [...]